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    Grisha Raven Ukraine

    Hello, I'm in the Crypto Kings team from the very beginning, literally from day one. Thanks to the team, I have almost 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, from 0 I came to an income of several thousand $ per month, I visited several countries and it hasn't been even a year. I am sure that this is just the beginning and everything is still ahead! The path to the stars is open

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    Pshava Pavel Ukraine

    I have been to the team for 7 months now, let's say from the first day of the foundation of the brand, during this time my income has increased several dozen times, I have more than 12,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I travel and earn online)

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    Alexey Kologrivov Ukraine

    I am in the team from 04/30/2020. I started with zero knowledge in MLM, my account had about 300 usd in cryptocurrency, there were about 25,000 usd of debts, obligations and loans and a complete lack of understanding of how to live on. At the time of writing this review on 12/28/2020, I have a large number of friends on the team and a value that is worth a lot, I enjoy life. I have more than 25,000 usd on my accounts in cryptocurrency, I have a structure turnover in the main project of the team of more than 250,000 usd, I closed all my debts and obligations and my life at 44 is just beginning. I thank the team and they are not just words, I really mean it, this is my whole life!

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    Pikula Igor Ukraine

    I have been in the team from the very beginning, in the network itself for more than 2.5 years, but the result was only when I started working with Crypto Kings, the results increased not only 2-3 times, but probably 10. I really like this team vibe, and I think everyone who wants to work for a long time must join the team)

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    Ryazanov Andrey Ukraine

    In the Crypto Kings team I have been from the very beginning, because I had know many leaders even before the team was created! At first, I didn't even expect that the team would grow on such a scale in half a year. During this time, given that I am simultaneously working in the IT field, I managed to reach a result of $ 700-800 per month, qualitatively improve my YouTube channel, create an English YouTube channel and, of course, team training that helps along the way. And also I like the environment of cheerful, successful and ambitious people! My environment has already changed, I did not even notice how those who were pulling me down disappeared. Plans for next year to quit hired work and reach an income of $ 5000 per month, with Crypto Kings everything is possible if you believe in yourself and the team!

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